Development update, New site now live!

The team at GUStakes has been hard at work the last few weeks working on optimizing the service, and finding more ways to stake crypto on Gods Unchained.

We recently partnered with TeamStreamTeam, a top Gods Unchained team as they host The Souper TSTournament. With over $1000 in total prizes, The Souper TSTournament ranks as the largest community tournament in Gods Unchained history. This tournament is also the first within the Gods Unchained community to host prediction games, created by TeamStreamTeam, and powered by GUStakes. Check out the #prediction-games channel over at the [tst]lounge. Catch the Finals of The Souper TSTournament May 29th at 2pm EDT, and don’t miss the Finals prediction game with a prize pool totaling 100 xDAI, sponsored by GUStakes. It will be streamed live at

Additionally, we have been working on rolling out an updated landing page, as well as optimizing code behind the scenes to provide an improved user experience.

And finally, we have recently deployed contracts for GUStakes in the Fantom network! You can now stake your FTM on 1v1 Direct Challenge matches. Find out more about fantom here

Stop by the GUStakes Discord to leave any questions comments or suggestions.

Have fun and GG’s!




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